CBD & Mental Health - A Personal Ode

CBD & Mental Health - A Personal Ode

I wrote this article some time back but thought it would be worth sharing again. Last month, on the 10th october was World Mental health Day, but with the ensuing pressure of the pandemic, The financial stress of Christmas just around the corner and the circumstancial changes we endure to diets, lifestyles, job changes alot of us seem to be going through at the moment, ask yourself, how is this affecting you emotionally, mentally, even physically?

This has to be one of the most prominent times in history when Mental Health problems have become a collective barrier for peoples quality of life and development both individually and as a society. With that being said, its also the most highlighted time in history where Mental health problems are being talked about so openly, and not just just buy females, its fastly becoming accepteable that men do not always have to brave a face of strength, do have the ability to be able to cry without being ridiculed, to understand that great strength comes from those who are open enough to show their vulnerability and that as Humans we all suffer with negative emotions, head problems, duality and that gender or perfection or money or fame has little to do with how one feels inside.

CBD & Cannabinoids helped me personally, greatly, through the journey of correcting my Mental Health in the midst of my very early 30s after becoming very depressed, unstable even, in my very late 20's which had some catastrophic effects on the present and future of my life.

I share this article with you now, as a vulnerable man, with an open heart, in the hope you get to shine a light on your path to greater mental well being from my experiences in using Cannabinoids to correct my behaviour, my way of thinking, using nature as my aid to great Mental Health capacity and derailing away from the shackles of repeated prescription drugs that essentially kept me addicted to something that forever got increased in dosage but did little to make me well, except change my personality, energy levels and kept me reliant on something that after many many years of use made me rather worse than better. After using CBD for around 3 years now, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I feel like the person I was always meant to be, without the dark cloud alluding and shadowing my every step from the wake of the day to the Dusk of the darkest night.

Remember, Remember the 10th October! This is World Mental Health day and should be praised and embraced by all. Mental health is such a big issue these days ranging from anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bipolar, BPD but to name a few.

We have all walked a different road and therefore shouldn’t judge the shoes someone else has walked in, this is easier said than done, but I believe, if we all did our bit to show our fellow man a bit more grace, that beaming smile, a simple hello, a quick check in with your friends, this would make all the difference to anyone suffering. Its World mental health day, spread some love and remember, even though the 10th October is just 1 day, mental illness carries through all 365 days of the year!

Being mental health day reminded me of the position I am in now. I, the writer of this article, has suffered with Bipolar and BPD for as long as I can remember, and today I got a message from a wholesaler that made me want to share a few things with you in regards to mental health and the Cannabinoid CBD.

You have probably heard all the glitz and glamour surrounding CBD & the Canna scene overseas but what does all this mean for you. What does it mean for your mental health problems and issues? Why & How does it actually help?

Well I can tell you from first had experience, just over a year and a half ago I was taking 3 x Propanalol per day, 3 x lamotregiene per day, 2 x Quitiapine and 1 Fluoxetine which was pretty heavy for me but very much needed at the time of coursing years and trialling out different meds.

I had actually been selling CBD at the time but never gave it my full dedication and attention. When I did, things changed. I started by researching it to the fullest extent I could and learned so much about the fascinating world of hemp and cannabis. A lot of people still seem to think there’s only 2 cannabinoids in cannabis when in fact reports suggest there’s anywhere between 64 and 116 which all have a magical impact on our bodies.

As humans we all have an EndoCannabinoid system which is responsible for our central nervous system and immune system and I suppose to a point even our metabolism, in fact cannabinoids can be used to power and correct so many things in our bodies that modern fast paced, processed, no waiting lifestyles purely just miss upon.

The human body has many different receptors and these receptors receive signals from different stimuli which then make the cells do certain things like make us feel pain, stress, anxiety and other physiological and emotional feelings.

CBD is said to interact with the  CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are found in the brain and spinal chord ,where-as,  CB2 receptors are found in the body.The exact way CBD affects CB1 receptors in the brain isn’t fully understood. However, they do believe it may alter serotonin signals. I can say with a lot of certainty, that definitely was the case for me.

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, plays an important role in your mental health. It has a popular image as a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Low serotonin levels are often associated with depression. In some cases, not having enough serotonin may also cause anxiety which is why doctors prescribe SSRIs but as you have seen through various media posts, these things don’t seem to work for everyone. I myself can tell you as a BPD/Bipolar double threat guy lol, these certainly did not work for me and I think a lot of GPs, in my case, prescribe the wrong SSRIs to such people without weighing up the options properly. Off my own research I do know that 3 types of SSRIs prescribed to me although for depression, did have a very negative impact on my bipolar and bipolar meds.

So, if like me you find yourself thirsty to find something that will help you, give that clarity, help with anxiety, make things less depressive or simply looking for stability and the ability to sleep and function better and are struggling, why not ask your doctor about trying CBD this World Mental Health Day? Or simply google CBD and your problem, or simply message us (info@thegohd.com) and we will help in anyway we can. We are not doctors but have suffered a lot at the hands of mental health and recovery. We also have a great vast array of knowledge when it comes to the use of CBD and cannabinoids and the many applications that come with that.

I now take no medication for my Bipolar or BPD. I have a special mix I make myself every month simply consisting of natural CBD isolate and Full spectrum cannabinoids mixed to give both a boost and synergetic effect. Cannabinoids always work better in groups but it is about finding the right dose for yourself. This can also help with stress hormone production management which is also a good help when suffering with anxiety/depression and you have a lot going on and finding it hard to manage or cope.

Personally I think Drops are king and have really helped me live a more stable, comforteable, mindful, fulfilling life and endure challenges in a new positive way.

CBD oil drops are versatile and fast acting and among the most popular ways to use CBD. These can be taken under the tongue for about 60 – 90 seconds (sublingually) or mixed in with food or beverages. Oil drops come in various strengths, in pure CBD Isolate form, Broad Spectrum or Full spectrum drops, so there is a strength and type to suit everyone..

There is also CBD capsules and tablets which can be found in gel or powdered form. CBD inside a capsule is swallowed and absorbed through digestion system. Using pre-measured capsules is an easy way to incorporate CBD to your daily life as a supplement.

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This really is a great experience and Compound for anyone wanting to seek a further stage of wellness, you cant overdose on it, (although its recommended not to take more than 70mg to 100mg per day), doesn’t have any nasty side effects and is quite fast acting.

Obviously everyone is different, I know some people who have come off head meds and opioids within 5 days and other like myself took around 3 month to fully come off everything and now 1 year and a half later I am much better at dealing with the good, the bad, the ugly that life and my head and behaviour has to throw my way.

Im guessing this is also because, as they say, healthy body, healthy mind. NO HUMAN body will ever work entirely correctly due to the fact that most people have a dormant endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system needs to be firing and signalling for a lot of things in your body to work correctly, want me to prove it? When a mother bears a child and that child breast feeds, the natural milk produced by the breast contains cannabinoids, this to give the little baby the best start in life mentally and physically!Your Endocannabinoid system being directly responsible for your actual Immune System and more importantly your Central Nervous System plays a very heavy and pignant role in your ovrall health and any abnormalities that may come along with that if it isnt working or lay dormant or become defunkt. people really have no idea how important a correctly working Central nervous System is to your overall health and this is why No Human Body will ever work correctly or reach the stage of Homeostasis without having an active Endo cannabinoid System. 

Homeostasis basically means a body working optimumly in correct balance with your ogans and CB receptors all signalling and communicationg so everything within your biological system works as it should.

Back in the day around 1850, if you went to a chemist, you wouldn’t see all these tablets dressed up in fancy boxes and logos, there would simply be cannabis oil, creams and tonics in the most boring bottles you have ever seen, why, because before the propaganda campaign to make cannabis illegal due to certain political and pharmaceutical interests, that’s all you needed to buy and in them days they didn’t need to sell you a treatment or cure in a fancy bottle as it was about health care, not selling a monopoly of products to people because the 1 source that would fix a lot to most ailments is now banned.

That's how important it is, take care of yourself, take care of your mental health, take care of each other, Spread wellness and love!

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