Gravity CBD 20% Herb

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Gravity CBD 20% by en-ex
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  • Description

    Gravity CBD 20% Herb

    Gravity CBD is a gift from the heavens with a huge hit of CBD at 20% - that’s 200mg per gram! It's time you had something out of this world in your hands! Crafted with ban exempt ingredients, Gravity CBD Herbs are 100% UK legal. Gravity sports a sweet candy flavour that will feel familiar, but much more exciting!

    Gravity CBD 20% Herb Specifications:

    • 1 Gram or 3 gram pack
    • 20% (CBD Isolate) (200mg)
    • 100% Legal
    • Nicotine Free
    • THC free

    Contains Cannabidiol:

    • 20% 2-(6-isopropenyl-3-methyl-5-cyclohexen-1-yl)-5-pentyl-1,3-benzenediol
    • 79% Althaea Officinalis
    • 1% Flavourings
    • Below 5ppm - (6aR,10aR)-delta-9-tetrahydocannabinol
    • Nicotine Free

    How to Use:

    • This product is ideally used in a dry herb vaporiser or to be mixed with food or beverages
    • Do not exceed over 200mg CBD dosage per day (0.4 gram of herbal product)
    • This product is not a medicine and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease
    • Once opened reseal and consume within 2 weeks
    • Non-Psycoactive CBD


    • Made in the EU
    • Not for sale to anyone under the age of 18.
    • Keep out of the reach of children and animals.


    For those of you who have tried Gravity already, expand your horizons and check out the 'perfect' big brother, Gravity Extreme. Extremely tasty, delicious with sweet, fruity notes.. Again made using refined CBD 45% with an additional 5% CBG, ensuring that you experience a perfectly pungent and pure Herbal CBD. It can be bought in either 1g or 3g packets just like Gravity. In addition we also have other variations of Herbal CBD available - different flavours, scents and strengths. Try Holy Grail Kush which encompasses a generous 47% wide spectrum worth of CBD. The wide spectrum includes, CBD, CBG, CBE and more. Pure quality and pure value for money as is available in bigger packs - 1.5g and 3.5g.

    Please Note: If you are pregnant, breast feeding, take medications or currently under medical supervision please consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

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