Holy Grail Kush - 47% Wide Spectrum - Original Sticky Dank by Holy Grail

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Holy Grail Kush - 47% Wide Spectrum - The GOHD
Code HGK15
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  • Description

    Holy Grail Kush - 47% Wide Spectrum - Original Sticky Dank


    Holy Grail Kush is a premium herbal blend given it contains a massive 47% wide spectrum CBD. Subsequently this includes CBG, CBE, CBDV among other cannabinoids. This is a brand new product to the market as well as being completely unique to any other. Most importantly Holy Grail Kush is 100% legal. It is made using a special and top secret recipe which means you are most certainly getting something out of this world. Additionally, this legal canna mock is also not just your average isolate derived herbal blend since this is wide spectrum.  Consequently this means you have the added benefit of terpenes which are true, natural and incredibly effective. Enjoy the amazing flavour and astonishing effects of this wonderful hemp blend.


    Holy Grail Kush Details:


    • Propriatary Blend
    • 26% CBD
    • 8% CBG
    • 4% CBE
    • 2% CBDV
    • 7% Other Cannabinoid
    • <0.1% THC
    • Natural non synthetic terpenes
    • Slightly sticky texture
    • Legal hemp flower 
    • 100% UK legal

    Once you have enjoyed the infinite abundance of Holy Grail Kush spread your angel wings and try something new!! We have plently of other Herbal Blends that have proven to be incredibly satisfactory with many of our customers. We definately recommend the magnificent and glorious Gravity Extreme; this blend contains both CBD and CBG at a very generous 50% so you can be assured once again you are getting something that will most certainly get the job done! Are you still looking for something different, convenient or new? If so, we have Pre Rolls such as Jacobs Ladder on offer. Definately worth a try especially if you are not the best roller in the world! Let us do the hard work for you, sit back and enjoy! Convenient and satisfactory, what more could anyone ask for!!

    Please Note:

    If you are pregnant, breast feeding, take medications or currently under medical supervision please consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

    Keep out of reach from both children and animals.


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