Ormus Monatomic Gold White Powder 25g

Ormus Monatomic Gold White Powder 25g
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    Ormus Monatomic Gold White Powder 25g

    For Mind, Body & Soul!

    Egyptians described monatomic gold as MFKTZ, while the Alexandrians venerated it as a gift from Paradise and later chemists such as Nicolas Flamel called it the Philosophers Stone. Researchers such as Lawrence Gardner say it is a superconductor and increases Psychic ability and creates Joy, Health and longevity.
    The powder is also known as the stuff of literature or crown jewel of western legend. The powder was believed by the ancient as cure of different kind of diseases whereby it allows the body to operate as close to perfection as possible.

    Try Ormus White Powder Gold 
    • Add this ancient minerals to support your health and energy
    • Works synergestly to give you the raw materals for health & energy
    • Gives an additional boost of energy
    • Feeds your mind, body & spirit
    This Ormus was made with laboratory grade Dead Sea salt and (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionized) water. Dead Sea salt is high in neutral atomic state Gold, rhodium, iridium, potassium, magnesium and rubidium according to researchers such as Lawrence Gardner and David Hudson.
    Use a quarter teaspoon (500mg) a day in fruit juice or water.
    It's good to take when you want to relax or meditate, or feel stressed.
    Some people experience effects right away, others if they are toxic or have energy blockages it can take time to gradually clear these first. You can speed up the process by having an alkaline diet
    Benefits of ORMUS include: 
    • Clearer Thinking
    • More dreams
    • Lucid dreams
    • Dream recall
    • Astral travel
    • Developed Intuition
    • Emotional cleansing
    • Immune booster
    • Greater Clarity and Focus
    • Heightened Senses
    • Sense of Being Fully Present
    • Sense of Calm
    • Thought Manifestation
    • Synchronicities
    • Enhances Divine timing
    • Raises consciousness
    • Enhanced focus.
    • Improved brain function.
    • Greater emotional balance.
    • Cellular rejuvenation.
    • Body purification & detoxification.
    • Catalyzed spiritual evolution.
    Nutritional Information 
    Each gram contains: 
    Monatomic gold 70%
    Magnesium hydroxide 30%

    Guaranteed Free Of: 
    No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Starch, Milk, Lactose, Soya, Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Fish, Porcine.

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